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We tell stories. That's it! We are not "artists" which some actors refer to themselves as. That is, unless of course, you wrote the story, there's the art. We use our"skills " to develop characters that the author has created. We simply deliver the message that has been conceived and written by the author.


My perception of a "great" actor is, "one who is fearless in using their imagination to perform a courageous interpretation of what the author has written, so that the audience believes that what they're seeing is real."


Imagination is the cornerstone for developing a character. To feel what the character feels. To think as the character thinks. Everything you will ever need as an actor is within your imagination. Some places are less pleasant to visit than others, however, as actors, we must tap into that universe to find the feelings we need to "Be the Character."


Remember, the author has given us feelings. They even give us the tools to express those feelings -- the words! 

Whether we are sitting in a dark theater, or on our couch at home, when we feel an actor has "taken us away," we not only admire their talent, we admire their "courage and commitment."


How many people have you met in your travels as an actor have said, "I always wanted to try acting."


And why haven't they "tried" acting? You got it! "Courage and commitment." 

We as actors have taken a path that most people would never dare to step on to. We have chosen to carry the responsibilities of "real life" as baggage, putting most "things" in second place of our lives, in order to do the thing that we feel most passionate about. The thing that we feel we were "meant to do".


If you have made this "noble choice," dont' let that choice be in vain.


Developing a character is a matter of "Life and Depth."


Be Courageous, Be Committed. Make the story live!


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